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International IT Mobilisation / Bid Manager

Date:  18 sept. 2021

Paris, FR, 75000

Filiale:  Keolis SA
Type de contrat:  CDI

Nowadays IT has become a critical element for the business success. The group IT department is being engaged more and more in bids and mobilizations and KSA are noticing that PTA’s expectations from a big group is to deliver enterprise frameworks and solutions.

On the solution part the group is working on standardizing and mutualizing IT capabilities that will allow subsidiaries to create more value with less costs.

The objective is to build shared capabilities that will allow the IT department of the group to respond and participate in an efficient way to bids and mobilizations which will allow Keolis subsidiaries to make savings and to deliver frameworks & solutions efficiently.


The role has the following responsibilities for the benefit of Keolis international business units (subsidiaries):

- Assist the business unit’s mobilisation efforts with a focus on IT in identifying/evaluating/developing/implementing IT solutions that are fit-for-purpose and meet good business practice

- Continuously support the business units in staying competitive using relevant IT solutions

- Develop and maintain a strategy for enabling new IT opportunities and alleviate IT pain points

- Reduce complexity in the global IT system landscape

- Be aware of the ongoing Keolis IT working groups


Activities and Key Deliverables

- Organise and prioritise the team’s effort

- Collaborate with the respective mobilisation and IT managers to scope the team’s contribution

- Ensure that commitment and funding of the specific mobilisation efforts are validated and accepted by the mobilisation manager

- Facilitate sharing of best practice, knowledge, and solutions across the international business units with the purpose of increasing the business value of IT

- Mutualise & Standardize the bid & mobilization efforts

- Interact with Keolis SA about the subsidiaries needs


The role will have a solid understanding and experience with:

- IT operations

- IT service management

- Enterprise Architecture

- IT economics

Segment de l’offre d’emploi: Manager, Information Technology, IT Architecture, Management, Technology